HAPPI Call for tender

After two years of cooperation at European level, the first joint cross-border procurement in the healthcare sector has been successfully launched. The call for tender is open from September 30th to November 30th 2014. Businesses of any size worldwide can participate.

As a reminder, the HAPPI project is financed by the European Commission and aims at detecting innovative solutions which address the needs of an ageing society in order to disseminate them in hospitals and nursing homes across Europe. Following a phase of identification of products and services via the HAPPI platform, expert committee meetings were held in London, Turin and Paris, gathering professionals such as geriatricians, biomedical engineers, hospital managers, etc. Five topics of interest were then selected by the project partners. These “Silver Economy” solutions will be purchased in five different lots in the call for tender:

  • Lot 1: Fall detection and alert system
  • Lot 2: Treadmill for rehabilitation and analysis of walking disorders
  • Lot 3: Walking course for preventing falls and maintaining independence
  • Lot 4: Bed thermoregulation system
  • Lot 5: Chair enabling users to maintain independence and reducing effort for aides

Companies which develop solutions addressing one or more of these needs can connect to the procurement platform https://www.achat-hopital.com/ to download the tender documents and prepare to bid.

Specifications are available in three languages: English, Italian and French. Bids can be addressed in any of these three languages, however, the application documents (“documents de la candidature”) have to be provided in French only.

Since the Achat-hopital procurement platform only exists in French, a “helpdesk” in English and Italian has been created to support bidders with the application process, especially small and medium enterprises. The helpdesk provides information on how to create an account and download the HAPPI tender documents, how to ask a question on the FAQ page and how to read the answers, as well as how to upload an offer on the platform. An explanation note about electronic certificates is also available.

You will find all the documents mentioned above in the link below.

For any further information about the procurement process, please contact us at happi@resah-idf.com.