What are our objectives?

The HAPPI consortium will achieve the following goals:

  • Identifying existing innovative products and solutions in the field of “ageing well” associated with the five fundamentals of life in institutions for the elderly: communication, care, mobility, eating, sleeping and personal hygiene, as well as the improvement of working conditions of healthcare professionals. All the procurement segments are involved: building construction and maintenance, equipment, products and consumables and the provision of services;
  • Identifying, with the help of experts (geriatricians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, building engineers, designers, caregivers, professional assistants, ergonomists, psychomotor therapists, facilitators etc.), the innovation requirements of institutions that host the elderly (hospitals and residential structures);
  • Evaluating the solutions proposed by manufacturers, especially SMEs in the European Union, in relation to the needs;
  • Building an “ageing well innovation center” for SMEs, Group Purchasing Organisations, local authorities who wish to participate/join the project’s joint procurement and the future ones to come. This new service will:
    • Advise SMEs on the existing public funding sources for the development of innovative product/service,
    • Advise health Group Purchasing Organisations and procurers on the legal issues and solutions for the implementation of joint transnational procurements
  • Organising and executing in the most relevant purchasing segments a joint call for tender
  • Gradually enlarging the consortium to the 27 Member States
  • Showcasing and promoting the products and solutions identified as innovative, in order to facilitate their distribution in institutions caring for the elderly; creating a ripple effect on the supplier market
  • To reach these objectives, the project will target in preference and priority SMEs located within the European Union.

Ultimately, our project will make it possible to:

  • Respond to the political priority to organise an upstream detection of innovative solutions and to push for more innovative purchase in the ageing well field
  • Promote a culture of gerontological innovation;
  • Create working conditions that foster the benevolent care of the elderly;
  • Organise a sustainable procurement network for gerontological innovation favourable to the development of the European industrial ecosystem;
  • Organise a European platform for exchange and collaboration between purchasers and manufacturers in the field of gerontological innovation;
  • Conduct one joint procurement of innovative products and services worth 2,5 million euros minimum; Involve more than 240 health institutions; benefit to more than 100 000 users
  • Foster production on a larger scale and reduce production costs and prices;
  • Facilitate the creation of a secondary market for manufacturers, with people living at home.